Community Forums

Community Forums

Vecinos Unidos organize monthly community forums known as Juntas Generales (General Assemblies) in the communities where DHF organizes.  These meetings are open to the public.  Topics vary from month to month depending on resident interest, current events, and DHF advocacy efforts.  Past meeting topics have included environmental issues, domestic violence, financial literacy, nutrition, immigration, and workers rights among others.

The  Juntas Generales connect residents to information and resources that they wouldn’t necessarily have access to.  Through these monthly forums Vecinos gain experience in public speaking, preparing and giving presentations, group facilitation, and event coordination.  Vecinos acquire these leadership skills through their actual participation.

Tulare Forum

PICTURED ABOVE: Vecinos intently listen during a presentation at one of the first community forums in Tulare County.


PICTURED ABOVE: Vecinos listen intently at a 2008 Academia de Liderazgo (Leadership Academy).